climablock 30
30 X 24 X 25
climablock 1/2 30
30 X 24 X 12.5
climablock 25
25 X 24 X 25
climablock 1/2 25
25 X 24 X 12.5
climablock 10
10 X 24 X 25
dimensions(mm)(widthxheightxlength) 300 X 240 X 250 300 X 240 X 125 250 X 240 X 250 250 X 240 X 125 100 X 240 X 250
Unit/m² 16 32 16 32 16
Unit/Palette 48 96 64 128 176 & 192
Weight/piece 14,2 8,4 12,2 6,5 5,4
thermal resistance R= 4,255 m2 K/Wr R= 4,255 m2 K/Wr R= 3,521 m2 K/W R= 3,521 m2 K/W -
Thermal conductivity calculator(U-value) U= 0,289 W/m2K U= 0,289 W/m2K U= 0,344 W/m2K U= 0,344 W/m2K -
Modulus of rupture (MPa)EN 772-1:2000 >10 >10 >10 >10 >10



New construction systems with vertically perforated bricks.

  • Climablock consists of a new construction system for Greece even though it has been used in Europe since the seventies.It was launched in Austria and Germany due to their climate and proceeded in many other countries.It is a vertically perforated brick of enhanced bulk and density which contribute to a substantial energy saving for the heating and the cooling of a building.
  • The integration of European requirements in the Greek legislation imposes us to implement them.In masonry this means that we are obliged to have products equivalent to European ones.This new construction system implements all the requirements of Regulation 305/2011(CE) for the new buildings and is totally adapted to KENAK(Regulation for the energy efficiency of the buildings) according to which masonry requirements are crucially increased.Professor Thomas xenos(Electrical engineer-AUTH Univercity) has certified the thermal performance of the bricks and their thermal insulation is in accordance to the requirements imposed by P.D. 5815/9-4-2010 for all climate zones A,B,C,D obviating the use of insulation and thermal insulating plaster.
  • Climablock can be built without a concrete frame and in a 2 floor building it maintains the same security chatracteristics.The fulfilled vertically perforated building has the same mechanical strength with the one build in concrete.
  • The large extent of energy saving is accomplished due to thermal passivation combined with big thermal resistance.Thermal resistance+thermal accumulation=Perfect combination for a low consumption during the winter and no need for cooling during the summer.In that way the energy needs of the building are diminished and thus the energy consumption eliminated.
  • Natural components that do not grow old and thus a masonry that does the same.It is a common knowledge that every organic component grows old.
  • Φυσικά υλικά που δεν γηράσκουν και επομένως τοιχοποιία που δεν γηράσκει. Είναι γνωστό πως κάθε οργανικό υλικό γηράσκει.
  • They control the internal climate as they maintain humidity in logical levels(because of the brick’s capillaries)and in that way they maintain larger internal comfort.
  • They have a high fire resistance as they are fired in approximately 900 °C.

Regulation 305/2011(CE)
(Building components-Basic requirements)

  • Mechanical durability and reliability.
  • Fire insurance.
  • Hygiene,health,environment.
  • Safety use.
  • Noise protection.
  • Energy saving and thermal remission.
  • Livable use of natural resources.

All the above are required in new buildings and climablock  buiding system provides them.

Climablock advantages:

  • Correspondance to KENAK thermal insulation requirements.
  • It provides a diachronic antiseismic armor in accordance to Eurocode 8.
  • It can even be placed without a buiding structure and thus save money from the construction procedure.
  • It has a substantial thermal resistance and thermal accumulation and in that way reduces cooling and heating expences but also eliminating the need for external façade.
  • Climablock contributes to the maintenance of satisfying temperature-humidity conditions due to the natural respiration of the component.
  • Durability and ability to never get old.
  • Chemical substances and additional troublesome components are not part of this material’s texture.
  • Climablock is exclusively produced in Greece without any raw material import.




  K 100
23 X 9 X 19
K 200
33 X 19 X 19
Dimensions(mm)(widthxheightxlength) 230 X 90 X 190 330 X 190 X 190
Unit/m² 21 15
Unit/Palette 240 90
Weight/piece 3,2 9,5
Thermal resistance R= 0,410 m2 K/W R= 0,697 m2 K/W
or thermal conductivity calculator(U-value) U= 0,6 W/m2K U= 0,5 W/m2K
Modulus of rupture(MPa) EN 772-1:2000 >5 >5


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