ECO-BLOCK (horizontal perforated)

Long standing, detailed and documented studies demonstrate the importance of thermal conductivity in the design of low energy consumption buildings.

By using clay construction materials of a density greater than 1000 kg/m³ from 25 to 30 cm, in the outer structure of the buildings, we can achieve 30-60% saving of fuel consumption compared to buildings that have sufficient thermal insulation but no thermal collection capacity.

The structural compounds of ECO-BLOCK present:

  • Great capacity of thermal collection and sound insulation, equivalent to the clay mass. The larger the bricks are, the more thermal saving and the more sound attenuating they are.
  • Excellent antiseismic conduct, enhancing the resistance of the reinforced concrete frame since they constitute a single brick wall which doubles the resistance of the frame, as it has been observed after relevant measures that were carried out. More concretely, in case of small-scale earthquakes, single brick walls are quite resistant in rupture, consequently, expensive repair works are avoided.
  • Great fire proofing maintaining their static capacity for more than 300 min without producing poisonous gases.
  • Balance of the humidity of the area by maintaining the quality of the interior climatic conditions and contributing to the longevity of the concrete.
25 x 15 x 32
28 x 15 x 32
30 x 15 x 24
Dimensions(mm)(widthxheightxlength) 250 x 150 x 320 280 x 150 x 320 300 x 150 x 240
Unit/m² 18 18 26
Unit/Palette 96 & 108 72 & 81 96 & 108
Weight/piece 9,5 11 10,5
Thermal resistance R= 1,2258 m2 K/W R= 1,4407 m2 K/W R= 1,571 m2 K/W
Modulus of rupture(MPa)EN 772-1:2000 >5 >5 >5


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