Environment and sustainability


The realization of the importance of sustainability in every aspect of our lives is increasing now days, every day.
By “sustainability” we mean the sensible use of resources, being human, natural and economical.
Besides bamboo trees, which are only applicable in limited tropical areas, clay is by far the most sustainable building material on earth.
It is not by chance that clay was chosen by most human civilizations as the key building material.
Clay bricks and roof tiles have always been the decathlon champions in building material competition.
In XALKIS we only use 100% pure natural clay for the manufacture of our tiles, securing full recycle capability after the practically unlimited years of life cycle on the roof of a building.

Since 2000 Schimatari plant is linked to the natural gas pipe; it is one of the most environment friendly fuels(with lower greenhouse gas emissions). Furthermore, the gases of the kilns are filtered and more filters have been installed to capture the dust during the drying-grinding-flattening of the earth; moreover, all the waste of the production process are immediately recycled.Since 2005, XALKIS obtains  an Environmental Management Systems Certification according to ELOT EN ISO 14001.


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