In 1952,at a time when Greece was hailing economic growth following a decade of turmoil,wars,German occupation and economic stagnation,an unlimited liability company styled ‘E.VAVOULIOTIS-D.MITAKIS-H.GOUNARIS’was founded by Evangelos Vavouliotis,Dimitris Mitakis and Charalampos Gounaris.

Its founders started their business with a small ceramic-works unit focusing exclusively on brick manufacture.The company soon expanded at a very dynamic pace and by redefining its objectives according to the era’s construction market conditions it grew into a major enterprise in this sector.

By combining its founders’ inspiration,vision and consistency with the dynamic spirit,enthusiasm and dedication of its human resources,the company was converted into XALKIS S.A. and very soon achieved to rank among the leading businesses in its field,by producing high -quality products and building a sound reputation for itself both in Greece and abroad. Driven by the same motivation,the descendants of the company’s founders,after more than fifty years of dynamic operation,continue to strive for corporate growth and have succeeded in turning the company into a leader in the bricks and tiles industry. The basic elements of its long-standing course are the constant seeking of the quality and technological advancement.The use of the best technologie in the sector and the production’s electronic quality control throughout the production process,guarantee the quality maintenance.

Today XALKIS S.A., having a history of half a century and two manufacturing plants, one in Vassiliko, in Evia, manufacturing roofing tiles and one in Schimatari, in Viotia, manufacturing bricks, is one of the most important Greek industries in the field of tile and brick manufacture with a daily production of 150.000 tiles and 900 tons of bricks respectively.

XALKIS S.A. invests on the constant upgrading of the quality of its products, on keeping up with the advancements of technology, on respecting the natural environment, on supporting in a friendly and reliable way the customers who entrusted it with small and large-scale projects, such as: the International Athens Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos", Athens Concert Hall (Megaron Mousikis), Waste Management Center of Psittalia, "Onassion" Heart Surgery Center, Olympic Village, Reconstruction of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex, Olympic Sailing Center, Elliniko Olympic Complex, Ano Liossia Hall, Olympic Weightlifting Hall, Olympic Equestrian Center, Olympic Rowing Center, Olympic Press Village, International Broadcasting Center etc.


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